Vladimir Prochazka | Carbon Fiber Luggage is an exclusive ultra-light luggage designed. The fusion of carbon fibre technology and unique design results in superior products appreciated by travellers.

This luxury luggage is specially made for demanding clients. For person who love luxury and who wants to be associated with this luggage. My experience is, if you carry this piece no one can overlook it. This isn´t just luggage, this is part of technological development.  


Suitcase has carbon fiber body, carbon fiber pulling handle mechanism and duralumin handle. Suspension wheels are smooth and silent, made from duralumin and titanium parts.

Sliding handle:
The main construction material is carbon tubes. Mechanical parts are all precisely manufactured and developed in our company, mostly of special aluminum which is used in aviation industry. The most stressed parts are made of steel and are heat-treated for even greater durability. Handle height lock is controled via the push-button, and then this movement is transmitted through the inner carbon bars to the bottom of the drawer, where it is unlocked using the lever mechanism. The highest position of the handle is 95cm. This mechanism developed by us is not used in any conventional luggage. The handle consists of about 50 parts, all made to measure, even the screws are adjusted to suit our needs.

Carbon fiber handle
Carbon fiber pulling handle

Wheel is made with a combination of stainless steel 3D print technology and CNC machining. The wheel suspension is provided with a torsion spring, shock absorption also provides a spring pad and bearing. The scroll wheel surface is made of a special polyester resin that is highly abrasion-resistant and developed for shock absorption.


Code lock TSA:
So far there are two variants: either a lock already developed including a TSA license will be purchased, or we have our own locks in the development that will also be coded and we are dealing with the TSA license. We will make sure that these locks can be used on suitcases. During the development process, we will definitely get the best solution and we will be able to place our own locks on the suitcases.
tsa locklocks